Military Organisation and Culture Studies (MOCS) is an Australian based academic grouping focused on the collection and analysis of empirical data relating to the relationship between, war, the military and civil society. The primary objective of MOCS is to raise the profile and capacity of Australian research in the area of military organisation and culture. MOCS pursues this objective through i) providing avenues for the networking of Australian scholars working in the field; ii) organising conferences and sessions at national and international social science conferences; iii) organising collaborative research and publications; iv) facilitating publicity for the scholarship of its members; v) administering scholarly awards.


Associate Professor Brad West is a sociologist at the University of South Australia. He publishes widely on civil military relations, including around themes of commemoration and military to civilian transition. He is a Faculty Fellow at the Yale Center for Cultural Sociology and has previously held academic posts at the University of Bristol, Flinders University and Kings College London. Amongst his professional duties he is co-President of the Research Committee on Sociological Theory (2018-2023). With Cate Carter is a co-founder of the Military Organisation and Culture Studies Group. He sits on the advisory editorial boards of the American Journal of Cultural Sociology and Scandinavian Journal of Military Studies and is the author of Finding Gallipoli: Battlefield Remembrance and the Movement of Australian and Turkish History (2022) and co-editor of Paramilitary Culture and the Global Rise of Paramilitary Culture (2021).


Dr Cate Carter is an Officer in the Australian Army and Coordinator of the Defence Research Student Community. She holds a PhD in Military Sociology from Deakin University and is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the University of South Australia. Cate is a co-founder of the Military Organisation and Culture Studies Group with Brad West, and a member of the Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society. Cate was the Managing Editor of the Australian Army Journal from 2017 to 2020, and has recently co-founded the ADF Creative Arts Association.