Below is a list of current members of MOCS. Members work in the field of Armed Forces & Society and need to be either based at Australian research institutions or have strong research connections with Australia.

Kate Ames (Central Queensland University)

Mark Armstrong (Australian Department of Defence)

Bianca Baggiarini (Australian National University)

Catherine Balmer (Victoria University)

Marigold Black (RAND Australia)

Sean Brawley (University of Wollongong)

Donna Bridges (Charles Sturt University)

Cate Carter (University of South Australia/ Centre for Defence Leadership and Ethics)

Federica Caso (La Trobe University)

James Connor (University of New South Wales)

Richard Davis (University of Western Australia, Centre for Defence Leadership and Ethics)

Alison Cadzow (Australian National University)

Samantha Crompvoets (Rapid Context)

Thomas Crosbie (Royal Danish Defence College)

Paula Dabovich (University of Adelaide)

Selda Dagistanli (Western Sydney University)

Anna Denejkina (Western Sydney University)

Chris Dixon (Macquarie University)

Chris August Elliott (King’s College London)

Tiffany Fischer (Defence Science and Technology Group)

Luke Gahan (Australian Institute of Family Studies; La Trobe University)

Richard Gehrmann (University of Southern Queensland)

Timothy Graham (Queensland University of Technology)

Nitin Gupta (Australian National University)

Phil Hoglin (Australian Department of Defence)

Lorraine House (Flinders University)

Jody Hughes (Australian Institute of Family Studies)

Kate Huppatz (Western Sydney University)

Luke Hynes-Bishop (University of South Australia)

Nick Jans (University of New South Wales)

Amy Johnson (Central Queensland University)

Charles Knight (Charles Sturt University)

Amanda Laugensen (Australian National University)

Wendy de Luca (Charles Sturt University)

Megan Mackenzie (Simon Fraser University)

Katherine Mansted (Australian National University)

Sharon Mascall-Dare (University of South Australia)

Haydn McComas (Griffith University)

Deborah Morris (Griffith University)

Maureen Montalban (The Australian National University)

Robert Muller (Flinders University)

Lakshmi Neelakantan (Australian Institute of Family Studies)

Jarrod Pendlebury (Permanent Mission of Australia to the United Nations)

Lucy Post (University of New South Wales)

Shruti Sardeshmukh (University of South Australia)

Pamela Schulz (University of South Australia)

Heather Skousgaard (Centre for Defence Leadership and Ethics)

Elena Spasovska (University of South Australia)

Damien Spry (University of South Australia)

Kieran Stewart (Australian Department of Defence)

Kristen Stevens (University of South Australia)

Christina Stothard (Defence Science and Technology Group)

Hannah Taino-Spick (Charles Darwin University)

Steven Talbot (Defence Science and Technology Group; University of South Australia)

Ben Wadham (Flinders University)

Nicole Wegner (University of Auckland)

Brad West (University of South Australia)